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INaWORD is an independent creative agency that specializes in marketing communications. We work out of home offices. We never require a large retainer. Our overhead is low. Our creativity is high. We have worked in corporations and agencies. We realize that we like it best, together, on our own.

There are so many analogies that ring true of fast-paced marketing departments. Your world is one of endless hours spent dutifully maintaining the status quo... it's a fire that you're constantly fighting... or a forest that you can never see the trees through. We understand. We have been there.

Perhaps you need a creative boost and your vacation isn't for another six weeks. Or you just got back, you experienced enlightenment, but the stack of papers, list of emails and impending deadlines has you wondering - how can this be done?

Perhaps you need to launch a new product or service and you're not sure of the best way to do so. Maybe your company wants to reposition itself. Maybe your brand makeover already has the logo and tagline - but you want to carry that positioning across all of your messages.

Think of INaWORD as your Marketing Psychologists or Marketing Therapists. We can be the third-eye that helps you see through the trees by asking you about executive direction and your business model. We can be the sixth man that fights that fire with web content and collateral creation. We'll help you to take a new look at your marketing programs with Marketing Communications Audits and Plans. We'll energize your campaigns and make you and your company feel like new. Down with the status quo.

Doug Prouty - Founder
Doug has 7 years of marketing communication experience and has been instrumental in implementing successful corporate communications programs for several high-technology companies. Doug is a creative thinker with a history of designing unique marketing campaigns that work, of meeting deadlines, and of being able to work closely with clients to improve their marketing and branding presence. He earned dual majors in Journalism and Marketing from Syracuse University in 1995.

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